On-site KSA Grading at the West TO Card Show!

We are extremely excited to announce that KSA Canada will have a booth set up and will be grading cards on site at our show!

Don’t miss out – give your cards the treatment they deserve!

KSA is Canada’s premier card grading service and uses a comprehensive 10-point certification process that includes checking centring, corners, cut, colour, borders, enamel, focus, picture quality, registration and micro imperfections. Cards are measured, checked under magnification and special lighting.

KSA sonically seals all its graded cards in a scratch resistant, optical quality, UV protected holder. These top of the line holders are visually appealing and very protective of all forms of card stock sealed inside.

Check out a gallery of KSA graded cards here

Remember, don’t let your cards fall to neglect, get KSA to grade and protect!


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